December 18, 2021

On January 28, 2022 Hells Headbangers will release the self-titled debut EP from Death Metal three piece MALEFIC THRONE on CD and cassette tape formats. The 12″ vinyl version will follow later in that year. “Malefic Throne” will feature the following tracks: ‘Deciding The Hierarchy’, ‘The Dawn Of The Truth’, ‘A New Hand Upon The Blade’ and ‘Nuclear Winter’ (SODOM cover). You can already check out ‘A New Hand Upon The Blade’ at this location. The previously revealed ‘Deciding The Hierarchy’ can still be streamed over here. MALEFIC THRONE consists of guitarist Gene Palubicki (PERDITION TEMPLE, ANGELCORPSE, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY), vocalist / bassist Steve Tucker (MORBID ANGEL, WARFATHER) and drummer John Longstreth (ORIGIN, HATE ETERNAL, ex – ANGELCORPSE). Palubicki explains the genesis of the band as follows: “MALEFIC THRONE was conceived over conversations and shared ideas among the three of us since around summer of 2020, deep in the early pandemic upheaval, while everyone was – and has been – in limbo for live shows / tours etc. We hit on the idea of just going for it, writing some furious Death Metal material with the three of us, and seeing what would happen. Given who the band members are, it is surely clear the nature of what this is all about. We originally considered just doing an independently released demo, but we approached Hells Headbangers to see if they were interested in handling the debut EP release. They agreed, and onward it goes!” For all additional MALEFIC THRONE information please visit

California based blackened Death / Grinders GORESKINCOFFIN will release their third full-length “Release My Suffering” on January 14, 2022 via Funeral Goat Records. Its full tracklist reads as follows: ‘The Plague Father’, ‘Wrath And Ruin’, ‘Release My Suffering’, ‘It Will Not Die’, ‘Elegy For Mankind’s Failings’, ‘Defiant Misanthropy’ and ‘Lamentations For A Broken Angel’. Full streams of ‘Plague Father’ and ‘Wrath And Ruin’, as well as teasers of the rest of the album tracks, can be found at this location. “Release My Suffering” was recorded and mixed by Hunter Peterson at Desidarius Recordings, the artwork was created by Chadwick St. John. All further GORESKINCOFFIN info you will find at

The new, self-titled album from Black / Death Metal project TORII is out now on CD and digital formats. A full stream is available at

The 2021 re-releases of SACRAMENT‘s “Testimony Of Apocalypse” and “Haunts Of Violence” are available now at The newly remastered tracks are the only ones authorized by the members of the band. The “Testimony Of Apocalypse” cover art comes with the band’s official logo restored after being changed by Rex Records when it was released in 1990 and the “Haunts Of Violence” re-release now features the album cover that the band always wanted, but which was deemed too graphic by Rex Records upon its original release. The new CD packaging also features a new band photo and updated liner notes.

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