January 26, 2024

Dutch Death / Thrashers DEAD HEAD will celebrate their 35th anniversary with their eighth full length “Shadow Soul”, which will be released via Hammerheart Records on March 29, 2024. A first single entitled ‘The Age Of Hype’ can already be streamed over here. The complete “Shadow Soul” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Any Of The Weak’, ‘Serpents Of Fame’, ‘Caverns Of Fate’, ‘Defiance’, ‘The Age Of Hype’, ‘The Run’, ‘Oppulent Disruption’ and ‘Dark Emptiness’. The album was produced by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio and the cover artwork was created by Vladimir Chebakov. www.facebook.com/deadheadthrash

The results of our BEST OF 2023 readers poll are a month old already by now, but we still would like to share with you what John McEntee of INCANTATION just sent in, regarding the fact that their latest album “Unholy Deification” made it to number four in the list: “We are honored to be in the Voices From The Darkside Top 10 Readers Poll. This means a lot to us because we know the readers of VFTDS are genuine underground deathbangers, and that’s where INCANTATION’s heart is at. Thank you very much, and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the road in 2024!” www.facebook.com/incantationofficial

On March 29, 2024 Osmose Productions will release “Nomad”, the seventh full length from Black Metallers DARKESTRAH, on CD, vinyl LP and cassette tape formats. Here’s the complete tracklist already: ‘Journey Through Blue Nothingness’, ‘Kök-Oy’, ‘Nomad’, ‘Destroyer Of Obstacles’, ‘Quest For The Soul’, ‘The Dream Of Kojojash’ and ‘A Dream That Omens Death’. A first track will have its streaming premiere on February 26, 2024. www.facebook.com/darkestrahofficial

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