June 01, 2022

Canadian Death Metallers GRAVE INFESTATION are streaming their upcoming debut full length “Persecution Of The Living” at this location now. The album will be released on June 03, 2022 via Invictus Productions. A video for ‘Conquest Of Pestilence’ can also be watched over here. For all further GRAVE INFESTATION info please visit www.facebook.com/graveinfestation

German / Scandinavian Thrashers PROTECTOR will release their new full-length “Excessive Outburst Of Depravity” via High Roller Records on July 01, 2022 on CD and digitally. The tape and vinyl versions will follow later in 2022. The album was mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Last Stand Hill’, ‘Pandemic Misery’, ‘Referat IV B 4’, ‘Open Skies And Endless Seas’, ‘Infinite Tyranny’, ‘Perpetual Blood Oath’, ‘Thirty Years Of Perdition’, ‘Cleithrophobia’, ‘Toiling In Sheol’, ‘Shackled By Total Control’ and ‘Morse Mania’. A lyric video for ‘Pandemic Misery’ can be found at this location. More about PROTECTOR at www.facebook.com/protector.666not777

Spanish Death Metallers ATARAXY have just premiered the track ‘Visions Of Absence’ at this location. It will appear on the band’s upcoming third album “The Last Mirror”, which will be released on June 17, 2022 via Dark Descent Records (CD) and Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl version). The previously revealed ‘Decline’ can still be streamed over here. The complete tracklist of the album reads as follows: ‘Presages’, ‘The Bell That Constantly Sounds’, ‘Decline’, ‘Visions Of Absence’, ‘Under The Cypress Shadow’, ‘Silence’ and ‘A Mirror Reflects Our Fate’. More about ATARAXY at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063578401421

Chilean Thrashers CRITICAL DEFIANCE will release their new full length “No Life Forms” on CD and digital formats on July 18, 2022 via Unspeakable Axe Records. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘World Crumbling Apart’, ‘The Last Crusaders… Bringers Of Death!’, ‘Altering The Senses’, ‘Dying Breath’, ‘Elephant’, ‘Edge Of Consciousness’, ‘Kill Them With Kindness’, ‘Warhead (Emotional Fallout)’, ‘We Were Never Here To Stay’ and ‘No Life Forms’. The album’s first single ‘The Last Crusaders… Bringers Of Death!’ is already streaming at this location. For all additional band info check out www.facebook.com/criticaldefiance

Brooklyn, New York based Black Metal trio HORNS & HOOVES has just premiered the track ‘Baphomet In Steel’ over here. It is taken from the band’s upcoming debut full length “I Am The Skel Messiah”, which will be released on June 17, 2022 via Invictus Productions. The previously revealed ‘Endless Rosary’ can additionally still be checked out at this location. The following tracks will be featured on “I Am The Skel Messiah”: ‘Gape My Blackened Hearts’, ‘Baphomet In Steel’, ‘Amphetamines And Red Molochian Dreams (Prelude To Gooning)’, ‘Blasphemic Gooning’, ‘Endless Rosary’, ‘A Wailing, And A Weeping, And A Busting Ov Cheeks’, ‘Narcanaanite (The Infernal Dose)’ and ‘I Am The Skel Messiah’. The cover artwork was created by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, ICED EARTH, SODOM). You can follow HORNS & HOOVES at www.facebook.com/hhworship

On August 19, 2022 “The Cold That You Left”, the debut full length from New York City / Lisbon based duo HOURS OF WORSHIP, will be released via Iron Bonehead on CD and vinyl LP formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Your Lonely Death My Crown’, ‘Fear In Bloom’, ‘Watching You Beg For Your Life’, ‘Ancient Pain’, ‘Deep Depression’, ‘A Wretch And A Liar’, ‘I Know It Hurts You’, ‘There By The Window’ and ‘Wasting Away Forever’. The album opener ‘Your Lonely Death My Crown’ can already be streamed over here. For more information please visit www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

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