November 05, 2022

Stockholm, Sweden based Doom / Death Metallers BLOODOFJUPITER have self-released a new EP entitled “Just Let Life Burn!” on cassette tape (limited to 50 copies only) and digitally. Their sophomore full length is planned for next year. The band members have a long history in Swedish extreme music already. Drummer Robert “Thord” Granath formed MEFISTO in 1984 and vocalist David Isberg started OPETH in 1990. You can check out their releases at For more band information please visit

On December 21, 2022 Signal Rex will release “The Third Level Of Decay”, the fifth album from Finnish ABSOLUTE KEY, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The following tracks will be featured on it: ‘A Hidden Angle’, ‘A Wrecked Spine’, ‘Closer, Further’, ‘Flakes Of Ash’, ‘The Cellar Door’ and ‘The Third Level Of Decay’. You can check out the album opener over here. Band founder Antti Klemi commented on the album as follows: “Musically, this album sprung from an idea of totally bleak and monotonous Industrial / Black Metal hybrid, driven by simple, repetitive drumbeats and cold synth / guitar riffs. With time, these songs took many twists and turns, layers were laden one after another, and the labyrinth grew more complex and serpentine. So, “The Third Level Of Decay” is play between two elements – blunt, primitive, and ‘physical’ core and spectral, unconscious, and ‘spiritual’ details. And that third level, death of deaths, humming over this all.” ABSOLUTE KEY will be making its live debut at this year’s Invicta Requiem Mass festival. For all additional info check out

Netherlands based crusty Death Metallers DEFY THE CURSE have released a video for ‘Leading Into The Realm Of Torment’ at this location. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album “Horrors Of Human Sacrifice”, which will be released on 13 January 2023 on 2 CD, vinyl LP, cassette tape and digitally via Hammerheart Records. The material was produced by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio. DEFY THE CURSE consists of former members of COLLISION, CAUTERIZE, INHUME, THE GUILT PARADE, MANGLED and LEGION OF THE DAMNED. All further info you will find at

On January 27, 2023 “The Fires Of Heaven”, the debut full length from Boston, Massachusetts based blackened Speed Metallers MALLEUS, will be released via Armageddon Label, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The full tracklist reads as follows: ‘The Tempest’, ‘A Dark Sun Rises’, ‘Beyond The Pale’, ‘Prophetess’, ‘The Fires Of Heaven’, ‘Into The Flesh’, ‘Awakening’ and ‘Mourning War’. You can already stream ‘Beyond The Pale’ over here. More MALLEUS you will find at

Swedish Black / Thrashers SARCATOR have released a video for ‘Perdition’s Hand’ at this location. The track appears on the band’s second full-length, which was just released via Black Lion Records on CD, cassette tape, vinyl and digitally. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Marko Tervonen at Studio-MT in Trollhattan, Sweden and the artwork was supplied by Dávid Glomba. The following tracks will be on it: ‘Ascend’, ‘Perdition’s Hand’, ‘Grave Maggot Future’, ‘Dreameater’, ‘The Long Lost’, ‘He Who Comes From The Dark’, ‘Devil Sun’, ‘Sorrow’s Verse’ and ‘Alkahest’. For regular updates make sure to follow SARCATOR at

Belarus based brutal Death Metallers OMINOUS SCRIPTURES will release their third full-length “Rituals Of Mass Self-Ignition” on January 27, 2023 via Willowtip Records on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The album’s first single, ‘Demonic Totem I Am’ can already be streamed over here. The complete “Rituals Of Mass Self-Ignition” tracklist reads like this: ‘Demonic Totem I Am’, ‘Rituals Of Mass Self-Ignition’, ‘Enraged’, ‘Fanning The Flames’, ‘Serpentine Wisdom’, ‘Mangled Perception’, ‘Inhabitant Of The Lacrimarium’ and ‘Codex Rescriptus’. More about OMINOUS SCRIPTURES at

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