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Out of all AMBEVILENCE’s that are existing in the world, this one entity is by far the most mysterious one – and the ONE that should be interesting to Voices From The Darkside readers! This 10" LP contains two tracks ‘Metamorphic Evil’ (6:36) and ‘Sigil Of The Perverse’ (9:32) which were released in different / shortened versions on tape back in 2014. Now they’ve been expanded with ambient intros / outros and released on vinyl with included CD version as well. This sort of music defies clear labelling, although it is built on the basic elements of primitive Black / Death Metal with chaotic staccato drumming and swirling instead of chugging riffs. Lengthy compositions throw and drag you straight into cosmic abyss, into deathlike trance state of mind, where dissonant melodies create horror inducing soundscapes. Also they can be unpredictable as fuck, like this mysterious mood is suddenly  raped by chaotic, broken rhythms and psychotic vocals bordering on the downright insane! The song structures escape easy categorization as many parts are skillfully intervowen, from very fast, vicious attacks to slow, droning hell-ucinations, and after the song is finished you barely remember where this trip started. I personally haven’t heard much of this stuff, that’s being labeled as Cosmic Blackened Death Metal, I’m sure there are other fine examples, but for me this band sounds very original and basically creating their own universe. Of course, the format is perfect – 10" vinyl + CD containing only two highly-crafted songs, also absolutely no information about the band, those things make people curious. Hell, besides it’s released on Sepulchral Voice – a label that’s synonymous with hight quality Metal of Death! No more necesssary to say, this is a must buy release!,,

Mindaugas ‘Plix’ Lapinskas

Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas

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