(Weedhunter Records)

It’s always nice to hear something from Weedhunter Records again. This time, he delights us friends of the good old tapes with the Italian duo BEDSORE and their first untitled offering that features only two, yet very long songs. Long songs often hint on progressive song structures, and in this case, the hint is absolutely right. The Roman duo present us some extreme and unique stuff here, based in both Death and Black Metal, spiced with a progressive sickness that is without equal. The first song ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’ is obviously influenced by Mr. Lovecraft himself, not just lyrically, but also in terms of madness, that always shines through. This song full of twists and turns is a perfect example for what I called “progressive sickness”. In the beginning, it reminds of atmospheric Black Metal, before some thrashing Death Metal elements take over. Yet, the twists aren’t over here, the atmospheric and damn sick middle part reveals the real madness, before the ending part just only seemingly calms down, insanity seems to be lurking just around the corner. The second song ‘Brains On The Tarmac’ is more astral in the intro piece before it turns into a CADAVER style Death Metal song. But the astral waves return, slightly at first, very severe in the middle part. The end of this song has a certain VOIVOD vibe, but an insane one as well. So, as hard as BEDSORE might be to describe, the stuff they play is very unique. And the more time you take to get into the songs, the more they grow. If you want to find out more, visit BEDSORE at or And for the dedicated German master of the tapes, visit The BEDSORE tape is limited to just 100 copies, so hurry up to be among the first to witness a unique new band.

Thomas Meyer

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