My Soul For His Glory
(Hammer Of Hate Records)

BEHEXEN is a name that has crossed my path at least twice during my Metal scene involvement but for some reason has failed to make a remarkable impression up to know. If my memory does not betray me, I think I’ve checked some of their albums prior to this, their latest. I must confess that I got somewhat mesmerized and compelled to dig deeper into what I was able to listen at a first glance of the release presented here. BEHEXEN circa 2008 continue evolving into their not really original but still defying brand of raw Black Metal, which to give peace to their die hard fans does not mean they have drastically changed their original appeal. The band has improved in their particular habitat without giving up the aggresiveness and utterly scary vibe of their early releases. Recording-wise, they have forged a better sounding opus without losing the characteristic edge. Musically speaking, the arrangements have improved a lot providing each one of their compositions with a sombre vibe that goes from slow and punishing to desperately corrosive; in some passages a little bit deathish I would say. A major plus in the album has been the amazing improvement in the vocals which in my opinion are way more violent, better performed and adding a whole lot of variety compared to the boring one-dimensional screaming of the early albums. This year is still in its initial throes but it is safe to say that whomever tries to top BEHEXEN will have a quite hard task to accomplish because class is definitely not something you are born with, is something you obtain with hard work and dedication. I’m already looking forward to their next recording and can safely recommend this to anybody remotely interested in pure, uncompromised and worth-getting darkened art. Contact the band at:

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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