Chaos Will Reign
(Listenable Records)

When I got my hands on this album, I must admit that I had very high expectations for a superb record. It was enough to see that in their line-up, there were members who had been part of DARK FUNERAL, GRAVE, THERION, VADER, ASPHYX, GOD FORSAKEN… it gives you chills. This is their second album, they have a previous one called “Obliterate The Weak” from 2020, which served as their introduction to the world of melodic Death Metal. The new album is an improvement, without straying too far from their initial offering, although perhaps now they lean more towards Death Metal than Melodic Metal. The production is excellent, the album sounds great, and the songs are not bad… but now comes the critical part of the review. After several listens, I began to realize that this is not what I expected. BERZERKER LEGION sounds like a mix of AMON AMARTH, ARCH ENEMY, IN FLAMES… and similar bands. Do they sound bad? No. But my question is the following: is this kind of proposal necessary in the scene? Maybe if you’re a big fan of the aforementioned bands, your answer is yes. But for me, perhaps not so much. There are many bands sounding similar, and this album doesn’t bring anything new. They have some songs that deviate from the norm, like ‘This Is The End’, in which they slow down and approach the sounds of KATATONIA. But even for that, it falls short. I dislike writing these kinds of reviews because I’m sure that behind this proposal, there are hours of work and dedication. If you enjoy the AMON AMARTH / IN FLAMES sound, give it a chance. More BERZERKER LEGION information you will find at, label contact:

Oscar “evilcore666” Vázquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vázquez

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