Death, Revenge, War
(Cosmic Key Creations)

One thing I enjoy nowadays in life is quick bursts of music to fit the mood I am in at the moment. Life can be busy and maybe you don’t have the time to sit and absorb that one hour long opus. So this latest release from BLADECRUSHER, which clocks in a bit under 15 minutes seems to fit in exactly with my schedule at times. So what we have here is a quick Thrash assault with a touch of a Speed Metal element. When listening to this, all I can say is, are you missing the early days of THE CROWN? Or how about a bit of WITCHERY? Hailing from the Netherlands you can hear much of this influence from that region on the band and it shows in the music, maybe a bit too much so. Bits of THE HAUNTED and also the US based band WRAITH come to mind as well. Not a terrible release by any means and with three songs (and instrumental) it just whirls by you a bit too quickly and hence not much is remembered. I know much can be said that this is a “been there, done that” type of formula with this release, but it would be great for those people who like the above mentioned bands. So when you add in a good quality production, and that old school cover art, it will appease maybe a less discriminating Metalhead or fans of the blackened Thrash genre. For all further information please visit or

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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