(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Doom Metal from Portugal, the third full-length by this one-man project. Founded back in 2005 the band or project has been developing from a more Drone Metal to a very reduced form of Doom Metal. Some people call this style Funeral Doom, which is traceable due to the clear vocals, performed in choral style. Of course the rhythm is slow paced and the amount of riffs used during the three songs is very manageable. The special twist used by BOSQUE is the sound. Very organic, somewhere I read the band used analog equipment to record "Beyond". From my point of view the best decision DM (the mastermind behind BOSQUE) made. Just listen to the opening of ‘Paradox’ and if you do not think of early KATATONIA you never heard an album like "Dance Of December Souls". But despite this main influence the overall atmosphere is not melancholic, just more despondent and heartsick. A feeling of isolation for sure, but not depressive in terms of depression, hopelessness or even suicidal tendencies. Call me insane, but for me "Beyond" represents some kind of easy listening Funeral Metal. Sounds pretty strange, but make up your own opinion. and

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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