Unbag The Cudgel

From the ashes of the Frisian Death Metal-bands DEFORMED, NECROBIOSIS and BANISHED and including the guitar-player of the Pagan band STOERMFLOOD this band has risen. And all of them have simply returned to their roots, all musicians are more or less 30 or even above, thus the fact that these guys play simply Thrash Metal is an expression of what they want and feel and not a kind of catching the next trend like so many so-called "Retro-Thrashers" did. However, what you’ll find here, are 6 simple songs straight to the point, in most cases not longer than 3 œ minutes in a clear production. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, bridge; mid – to uptempo – no superficial ballast. The album really rocks while on the other hand, this has nothing outstanding – everything seems to be so typical for this style and you always think of a déjà-vu, but perhaps that is the reason why I still somehow like it? The first copies are only meant for promotional use, but perhaps you can ask for a copy – or wait until this MCD is released officially. You’ll find some songs for download on their homepage. Try it. www.bugenhagen.de.vu



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