Issue # 2 - Norwegian Death Metal
(45 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Back in 2015 I bought a Norwegian fanzine by the name of CHRONICLES, after reading a review at these very pages of mentioned ‘zine, by our dear editor. Time has since taken its toll on us all, and we are now writing 2018 and CHRONICLES # 2 "Norwegian Death Metal" has seen the light of day. The first issue deals with Metal worldwide and a nice focus on other ‘zines. This new issue, as you might already have reckoned, is dealing with the Norwegian Death Metal scene, new as old, mostly newer bands though. Quite wellcrafted and lenghty interviews that take us well down in both, the history and ideas of the bands, which is quite nice and how I like to read my interviews. This very ‘zine can be blamed for getting back into the worlds of DISKORD and EXECRATION, and dusting off some nice and old SHE SAID DESTROY, AUDIOPAIN and other old goodies due to mentioning the bands and the labels Vendlus Records and Duplicate Records here and there. I’ve finally got off my arse to check out SHAARIMOTH and UNSPOKEN, which both amaze me. I’ve never really stopped listening to BLOOD RED THRONE, though it is nice to read an in depth interview. Daniel ‘Død’ Olaisen has never used that much time on answering any of my interviews – no more beer for you in Aalborg, mate! I have yet to check out KATECHON and I don’t think PHOBIA needs much introduction to fans of old Norwegian madness. And if the band does, a couple of lads named Grutle and Ivar roamed the band, together with a Hein Frode which you also should know, and guitarslinger Kai who answers this interview. Quite interesting to hear the story from his part. We are getting a bunch of useful fanzine reviews and well, that’s about it, though quite enjoyable reading and a nice way to get down below some of Norway’s punishing Death Metal bands. The layout is old school and well done, besides the few places where the text is printed on quite dark backgrounds, which makes those parts quite tough to read, though where there is will… All the old excerpts from old interviews, reviews, flyers etc are also cool and give the rag the quite right atmosphere, back to when it all where new and exciting, the days I guess all us old Metal heads are missing. So it is quite nice that ‘zines like this can bring back some nostagia together with new bands. Get in touch with Steinar Selstø to obtain your copy of CHRONICLES # 2 "Norwegian Death Metal" before it is too late, and do check out all the bands mentioned in this review, if you already haven’t, you won’t regret!

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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