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Second strike of this Mexican band, that is rooted firmly in the old skull Metal of Death that (while drawing a lot form the early Swedish Heavy Metal distort-sound-to-10 volume) also draws influences from other kults, making it a very interesting recording. The name of the game is bands like CARNAGE, early DARKTHRONE and specially early GRAVE, but also AUTOPSY, IMMOLATION and MORBID ANGEL. No, I do not think they are in the “revival mode” for the Swedish sound, they are a lot more morbid sounding and less melodic. The production values are also right on, they have that muddy-yet-clear approach and never sound modern and never sound amateurish. There is also influences from bands like CONVULSE, DEMIGOD and PURTENANCE. Their slower parts are really crushing and the guitar tone is used with a great effect on those. And they are also wise enough to change speeds and tempos to keep the attention of the listener. While maybe some songs have a similar approach it never becomes boring or loses intensity. A mention must be done to their solos. They have a really good “Left Hand Path” type of approach. Probably the vocals are one point where they could have some more variety, but then again there is always an intense riff to headbang to til loosing conscience. If you are a Death Metal follower, I summon thee to get this great piece of Metal of Death and let yourself succumb to the dark…,

Julián “Necromantic Evocation” Núñez

Julián “Necromantic Evocation” Núñez

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