The Grand Scheme Of Things
(Selfmadegod Records)

Formed in Poland in 2005, this is the third album of technical Death Metal act DORMANT ORDEAL and it really shows a very mature band with great creativity, a sense for playing brutal Death Metal, yet with a complex and technical approach, but just in the right amount not to be just a collection of riffs. The production values are incredible and so is the execution as it all sounds very powerful and clear. The style of the band has a certain sound that can be related to later era BEHEMOTH and in some context to early DECAPITATED, yet they do have a very personal style and the aura captured in here is quite that of despair and desolation. The vocals are perfect for the music, with more than a touch of a younger David Vincent. Again, the production is just perfect as it does not sound plastic or compressed, yet it has that very professional touch that gives the music that edge to be able to hear every riff, which in this case it’s an orgy of them. The way the band is able to come up with some really great dark cold melodies, while keeping the extremity at top but never sounding chaotic, is something to notice. This is Death Metal of the highest calibre, that will surely please those looking for a a quality act that sacrifices nothing of the extremity the style requires. And this album was more than a sign to make me check their previous material, which is of the same quality. Every time I listen to the album, more things came out and that’s a sign of how great this band is. A must for any Death Metal fan and a strong contener for one of the best albums of this decadent 2021!,

Julián “Poetry Doesn’t Work On Whores” Núñez

Julián “Poetry Doesn't Work On Whores” Núñez

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