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Influences from BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, JUDAS ISCARIOT or NARGAROTH mixed with a Pagan concept was the first description that came to my mind when I listened to “Kampen” for the first time and I think it is still appropriate. Despite the band’s rather boasting name, musically they are absolutely convincing, intense and skilfully blend aggression with melancholic atmosphere. There are biting cold riffs one might know from BURZUM’s ‘Jesus Dod’, grim vocals, almost doomy slower passages, driving parts and a pretty good sound providing both transparency and unpolished rawness. The six songs are quite long ranging from 6 to 13 minutes and except the only lame track ‘Trollkvinnens Sang’ moments of boredom are simply non-existent. Along with TSJUDER’s “Demonic Possession” and KOLDBRANN’s debut ELITE’S “Kampen” is one of the best albums that lately emerged from Norway and one can only hope there will be more Black Metal of the same high quality from this scene appearing rather quiet lately. So whoever digs the aforementioned bands should get high on this and buy it asap!!! www.agoniarecords.com

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

ELITE - We Own The Mountains (Matthias Auch )
ELITE - Bifrost (Nhashi)

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