My Endless Immensity
(A Sad Sadness Song)

When a band self describes themselves as post atmospheric Black Metal it dosn’t give this writer much hope of the final post listening outcome, as it is a style that is very hit and miss in terms of overall quality. So where do FALAISE fall musically in the grand scheme of things? Well, they definitely do not lack atmosphere that’s for sure with a lengthy acoustic intro opening up the album which is interspersed with more distorted guitars. Track 2 ‘The Embrace Of Water’ ups the ante with more distorted guitars and a more upbeat tempo with layers of guitar being one of the most immediate noticeable features along with the harshly screamed vocals which have a frosty bite to them. The guitarwork is very impressive throughout with sections of the songs being driven along by sweeping melodic guitars which add an epic ambience to proceedings. The emphasis here is most definitely on creating a mood and this young band do so very effectively and expressively. The songs are very similar in nature, with faster blasting parts giving way to more slower sections with melodious guitars and keys weaving themselves around the song structures and it is very easy to find yourself getting lost within the multi layered musical tapestry. The use of acoustic / clean guitar and keyboard is heavy and effective in creating their desired aural atmosphere and they are clearly skilled musicians. There is definetly a progressive element to their music and delivery too, this is very much forward thinking in every aspect and transcends the genre boundaries of orthodox Black Metal but whilst still retaining a coldness to their craft. These Italians take the listener on a journey through an eclectic bleak musical landscape which is full of rich and diverse music melancholy and shaded with more than just a blackened texture. FALAISE straddle the borders of Post Rock, Shoegaze and Black Metal and intertwine these genres together to make a very evocative sounding album with an expressed performance by all involved. If a cold frosty feeling and depressive depth is what you are after then FALAISE offer that in huge doses. www.facebook.com/falaiseband, www.atmf.net

Kat “Shevil” Gillham

Kat "Shevil" Gillham

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