The Link Alive
(Listenable Records)
83:00min + Bonus

One band – lots of opinions. If you are not familiar with the music of France’s Metal monsters check out the review from their second album "The Link" in the re-release section or their new album "From Mars To Sirius". I still wonder why GOJIRA is quite unknown in Germany for the reason cannot be the quality of the music. Whether some people like it or not: the band created its own unique niche covering the walls with the slimyness of MORBID ANGEL, the groove of MESHUGGAH, the hypnotizing tones of KILLING JOKE and the easyness of newer DEATH, without copying or even sounding like any of them. Nothing for Death or Thrash Metal purists but for those who want to know if there is life after death. Coming to the DVD: what you get is a concert filmed 2003 in Bordeaux in front of approx. 600 people (forgive me if I am incorrect). 15 songs from the albums "Terra Incognita" and (mostly) "The Link" with a perfect sound, a fantastic light show and a powerful, almost frightening well-played performance. From atmospheric tracks like ‘Terra Inc.’ over the mid-tempo mosher ‘Indians’ to blast monsters like ‘Wisdom Comes’ you get all GOJIRA has to offer – which is a lot! Really impressive how professional these guys make the stage their own! In the bonus section you find some elder live-footage (some of it even from 1996). All of it more or less (more more than less, hehe) amateurirshly filmed and in my opinion uninteresting when you get a professionally filmed concert in advance. There are two video clips as well. A quite boring one called "Gojira is…" and one ultra-cool clip from the track ‘Love’. Filmed by Alain Duplantier (the brother of the singer and of the drummer, who is a quite famous photographer and commercial-filmer in France) it has a strong "Pi" (the movie) touch and is just a fucking great Metal video! The gallery section again is the usual selection of pictures from the band – it’s ok. And for the freaks out there who have the nerve to look for easter-eggs will easily find six on this DVD. GOJIRA made six crazy and quite funny short movies about the fictious adventures of "Tchang & Tangui", played by themselves. Nothing if you eat pentagrams for breakfast and consider Death Metal a deadly serious genre but yet very amusing! Although I am not the biggest fan of live DVDs (somehow I never watch one more than two times) this one is a really strong one – mostly because of the great band! www.gojira-music.com, www.listenable.net.

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

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