The One Great Curse
(Call From The Grave)

Bremen’s own LUCIFUGE are one of the busiest bees in Metal at the moment. Only one year after their album “Der Antichrist”, Equinox is already back with a new album. “The One Great Curse” is on the one hand pretty constant, as any instruments were played by Equinox himself and recorded by Mr. Mikey Hanson again. But on the other hand the new songs are a little bit more mature in comparison to “Der Antichrist”. It just seems that Equinox has explored his boundaries. The result is of course still very close to the primordial Black Thrash feeling of the 1980s, including the somehow punkish attitude, feeling and vocals. Maybe the MOTÖRHEAD vibes was winded down a little bit, luckily not on cost of the rudeness. Thus “The One Great Curse” will still please any old fashioned Black Thrasher and lover of the prime elementary force of the old bands. Asides from the indulgence, the variability of the songs still is the great strength of LUCIFUGE. There are those snotty Black Thrashers like ‘Predestination For The Labyrinth’ or ‘Chambers Of Lust’ or punkish smashers like the opening double of ‘Among Dead Gods’ and ‘Dogs From Hell’. But the brake is pulled a little more to underline the power of the riff. Just listen to ‘Conjuration Of Destruction’ with its continental 80s Thrash vibe or the massive ‘Diabolically Divine’ with its Doom beat. And the decent nod to ‘Hell Awaits’ at the beginning of the B-side opener ‘Sons Of Belial’ should normally say it all. In the end, ‘The Final War’ surprises with an acoustic guitar in the intro piece before it picks up a more doomy and massive beat. So, with “The One Great Curse” LUCIFUGE have a second great album in their discography that should not be missed. To get this album (and “Der Antichrist” as well), visit or

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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