Satanic Resistance
(Lamech Records)

MALHKEBRE is a French Black Metal band and, five years after their debut, this is their new album. “Satanic Resistance” mixes fast and aggressive Black Metal with rather atmospheric parts, and I am sure this is very much deliberate in the way it adds to a certain mood of agony, despair and chaos that the music as a whole evokes. The vocals are varied, but always within this scope, from declamations to raspy wails, sometimes becoming tortured and shrieking. The fact that this is sung in French probably helps in bestowing it a special ambience. The vocalist seems spares no effort in the constant pursuit of the morbid and the blasphemous. Still, this is what I might call somewhat experimental and dissonant Black Metal, with trebly distorted guitars and hypnotic repetitions, stemming in a large way from mid 90s Norwegian Black Metal but with much when it comes to personal touches – even though this is less chaotic than the debut. The apparent simplistic and bare-knuckled approach ends up hiding more complexity than is immediately obvious, once you start paying deeper attention to the structures of the songs and the ever-changing rhythms. If you are one to appreciate 90s Black Metal tinged with delirious performances bordering musical lunacy, you will most likely appreciate the art of MALHKEBRE. Check it out at,

Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

MALHKEBRE - Prostration (Michael Tak)

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