2 Track Promo 2012
(Extremely Rotten Productions)

MOLD is a new addition to the small Kill Town Death Metal gang, hailing from Copenhagen and stirring up some murky, fetid, rotten, infested old school Death Metal. Downtuned to impossibly low lewels of gut wrenching levels of sound, they present two tracks: ‘Terryfying Visions’ and ‘Heinous Deformities’. Sounding as if literally recorded in a rehearsal room straight into a boombox, they still deliver fuckin heavy bottom end and rip through your intestines as a bonecrushing ten town tank. Add to this guttural, vomiting vocals and the recipe is ready to blow your ears off. Low-fi as fuck but still very heavy! It’s slow, like in slowest old GRAVE moments mixed up with brutal outbursts reminding me of old INCANTATION. The overall suffocating feeling is similar, not exactly the riffs. Although MOLD won’t get any rewards for innovation on this promo, they still know how to deliver the goods in style and it’s amazing how they progress from slooow to all out fast and crushing! If you consider yourself an old school Death Metal maniac, this is the band to watch out for. Apparently they’re working on a 4 track "Cremated Alive" debut demo to be ready anytime and I’ll definitely be checking that one! You might try to ask before ordering, this was on a limited 100 copies run, so it might be sold out. In any case, you can hear both tracks here: As for the actual tape check out Extremely Rotten Records blog: They have some other cool demos released and a small tape / 7" / 12" distro going on.

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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