Where Death Takes Your Soul
(Utterly Somber Creations)

Aarrggh! Completely sick and evil Death / Thrash (think "Hell Awaits" era SLAYER, "Pleasure To Kill" era KREATOR and POSSESSED – like vox and structures), released on noble vinyl only, by Utterly Somber Creations out of Chicago. Some of you may be familiar with MORTUARY from their classic thrashing debut album "Blackened Images" released in ’92 on the infamous Turbo Music label. It contains the songs from their "W.D.T.Y.S" demo, including two ripping songs previously unheard by me: ‘Black Superstition’ and ‘Auschwitz-Birkenau’ (NOT a pro NS song!) plus some great sounding, but still raw live tracks that showcase this band’s tight, fierce brand of evil Thrash Metal and shows bands like FUELED BY FIRE and BONDED BY BLOOD how it should be done!! Also included is a not very tight but still good POSSESSED cover of ‘The Eyes Of Horror’ where the lead guitarist nails the guitar solos without having to go study under that jackass Joe Satriani!!!! Get this now!! Contact:

Luis M.L. Sallard

Luis M.L. Sallard

MORTUARY - The Autophagous Reign (Anders Peter Jørgensen)

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