Nature Morte
(Les Acteurs De L'Ombre Productions)

Formed in 2015 in France, this is actually PÉNITENCE ONIRIQUE’s third full length of atmospheric Black Metal, that is both enchanting and melancholic while keeping the essence of darkness present. The production is very powerful, as every instrument can be heard, I specially like the way the drums sound. Although the band is capable of playing in many speeds, they actually do shine while playing in a slower tempo, as their heaviness becomes more present. But the main goal of the band is to create an aura of darkness and decay, and there’s a heavy use of keyboards, although done with good taste as they rarely overshadowed the guitars. And a mention must go to the vocals, truly a great performance, they are all done in their native French although it only gives it a more epic approach. It’s hard to compare the band but at times they have a close sound to mid era ENSLAVED, a bit of EMPEROR and some BATHORY from the time they were transitioning to more of a Viking Metal style. There is always a very good sense of melody in all songs, and that epic approach is always present. The cover art should also give you an indication of the music, dealing with philosophy, alchemy and death. After a few listenings I can sense a bit of Post Rock influence here and there, but that does not takes away any power, I think it actually broads the way the band plays, which you know it’s something done before, but at the same time you can sense originality in the way the band executes. Now, if you like this kind of almost cinematic Black Metal style, I suggest to check their other previous releases, with same style and quality. A very interesting release in honour of the dark one! www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552292063281, www.facebook.com/ladloproductions

Julián “Pharmakos” Núñez

Julián "Pharmakos" Núñez

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