Alienated Demons
(Deathrash Armageddon)

Uruguay… Not a country you necessarily hear about often concerning Metal, but one that definitely has its share of bands. PHERETRUM is one of them. Since their first demo in 2010, the band has only released two full-lengths. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. A plethora of smaller releases including splits have maintained the bands active status, warming them up for full-length "Alienated Demons". Federico Seijo (guitar, vocals), Virginia Aldasoro (bass), Bruno Pastorelli (lead guitar) and Joe Red (drums) have put together a pretty consistent, brutal album harkening back to the old days with a hint of the Swedish sound mixed with a whisper of Thrash sprinkled over the top. ‘Schizopreniac’ begins with a thrashy, super speed, thunderous entrance welcoming the guttural, bestial vocals into its fray. PHERETRUM quickly send the message that they’re not here to fuck around. ‘From Oblivion To The Void’ sounds like its title; a doom-driven start that blasts into a frantic seizure of a track. ‘Emerging From Waste’ doesn’t let up. Federico’s demonic barks continue the brutal tone of the album. And then there’s the KING DIAMOND – esque wail that makes you just tip your skull-cap in honor. The spiraling guitars in ‘Alienated Demons’ are like a puncture wound to the gut. Damn if the band doesn’t jolt you with enough electricity to stun an elephant. The fifth track ‘Unconscious Suicide’, with its uzi-like guitars, blasting drums and harrowing vocals keeps the album consistent and constantly moving. And midway through the song will raise you to your feet to join in the mosh-fest. ‘Disgusting Ignorance’ starts a little odd with military marching band drums and some spoken word (from a movie, I suppose), and then breaks free of its restraints with a chaotic sonic charge. Everyone involved plays with furious abandon which practically makes me sweat in exhaustion just listening to it. ‘Terror Reigns’ introduces a mid-tempo pace for the first 45 seconds until the blistering guitars kick in, sending the track into an anthemic, amorphous, fist-pumping amalgamation. The album ends with ‘Death Metal To The Grave’ and with the sound of this album, it appears the band WILL take their love for the genre to the grave with them. Aside from a couple of spoken word parts in the album which are extremely unnecessary and break up the flow of the head-banging, the songs themselves are glorious. PHERETRUM definitely prove their merit in a genre that’s overloaded with mediocre bands. "Alienated Demons" is absolutely worth giving a listen to. For all additional information, check out,

David Simonton

David Simonton

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