Pig's Blood
(Godz Ov War Productions)

Grimy dark and blasting Death Metal from Milwvaukee, Wisconsin, the state of my favorite American Football team, the Green Bay Packers, and now a new acquintance in form of PIG’S BLOOD, a band that is ready with their first album, 36 minutes of raw brutality blasting away in a blazing pace. This is brutality all the way through, low guitars rumbling away with grimy riffing, raw and dirty, thundering bass lines, just as dirty and raw, punishing drumming, mostly in a fast and crushing pace, the drumheads are getting a good beating. The vocals are aligned with the guitars and bass, a deep growl varied with a tad higher growl, all fitting to the grimness and rawness of this record, this is dirty Death Metal with a punky feel to it. I miss a bit of variation musical wise during the 36 minutes, it gets a lot of the same pummeling, which isn’t that at all, though the tracks tend to mud into each other, as they are carved more or less in the same scale. There are some layers, some great guitar riffs and leads, and drum fills to spice it all up, though a lot of it are hidden in the raw and dirty production, a production that fits the music insanely well, and adds a lot to the overall anarchistic doomsday atmosphere that "Pig’s Blood" reek of, I wouldn’t be without that sound! If you’re looking for supreme brutality and darkness, this album will be hard to beat, when you’re done playing this three times in a row, your head feels like it has been slammed into a concrete floor, with the help of a wrecking ball numerous times. Enter the power and might: www.facebook.com/commandmoreblood, www.godzovwar.com

Anders Peter Jørgensen

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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