Beyond The Gates Of Fire
(Fallen Temple)

The Polish band POISONED already exists 7 years (if my info is correct) since ”Beyond The Gates Of Fire”. Prior to this, the band recorded a demo ("Rising From Darkness”, 2011) and a split with PERSECUTOR (”Raw Torments Of War” in 2014). Their style is old school Death / Thrash. Everything smells pleasantly of worship of forgotten glory and is done with passion and fury. This not only shows in the production where guitars play a keyrole with excellent riffs. These are as original as a METALLICA shirt, but intense and would suit well on ”Demolition Hammer”, ”Serpent Temptation” or ”Agent Orange”. The snare drum sound is hollow and could have been heavier for a bigger impact in general. The vocals sound a bit like older Mark ”Barney” Greenway. People who start to scream that POISONED is a cheap copycat probably have no life. This is Death / Thrash the way it is meant to be: raw, fast and catchy! In 40 minutes 9 tracks storm by including a THRASHER DEATH cover (’Czarny Aniol’). Their old work is unknown to me, but after ”Beyond The Gates Of Fire”, POISONED is a band to keep an eye on. The only letdown is that the last three tracks are weaker than the rest and sound pretty much the same. Therefore, I advise to check before ordering. More info on https://poisonedeathrash.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/fallen.temple.1

Michael Tak

Michael Tak

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