The Cult Of Disease
(Iron Kodex Records)

Wow… it’s not everyday that you come across such brilliance in the more doomy side of the Metal spectre. Some people say Doom Metal is boring to death, tired or even not relevant to Metal history but PROCESSION can slap you in the face with their monumental debut "The Cult Of Disease". These Chilean guys have managed to hit the nail right on the head with this classic-styled Doom Metal set of songs in the vein of CANDLEMASS, BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS as well as some contemporaries like THE GATES OF SLUMBER, SOLITUDE AETURNUS or FORSAKEN for instance. They add a very fresh, melodic sound without losing the grip of what this style is about. One of the most mesmerizing elements that is worth mentioning of this recording, aside from the excellent musicanship, is the voice of Felipe Plaza with is extremely emotional and perfectly fits the epic aura of these hymns. I really cannot name any specific favorites because I like he whole damn thing so you doomsters stop smoking weed to collect enough money for this soon-to-be-classic slab of misery! Contact them at:

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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