Sublime Metrics Reallocation

Hell this is a quite enjoyable deathrashing band from Finland I got to review here. Really, PYURIA sounds tight, fresh, spontaneous and efficient. It is quite much GROTESQUE / AT THE GATES oriented, but a bit less melodic than ATG though, and sounding a bit more modern from time to time, reminding also these new Thrash Metal bands from Sweden, à la THE HAUNTED, TERROR 2000, etc. The band describes its own music in a quite good way by saying that: "Musically PYURIA integrates influences from several decades (even centuries) and styles creating different views to play Metal. Lots of pace changes, technical-, melodic- and rockin’ riffs". The guys know how to handle their instruments and they also use in an efficient way the playing between the two guitars. PYURIA has definitely the good Rock and Heavy Metal roots which allow such a good and clever song writing! For a band that started back in 1996, I find that it sounds quite mature and very professional, especially when you consider "Sublime Metrics Reallocation" being a self financed release!!! Labels might get in touch with PYURIA quite soon, because this band deserves to be supported. Maybe not the most original band around, but the quality and the professionalism are definitely here, which tends to become seldom these days. Contact: Oskari Mäki, Perttelinkatu 50 F 47, 24240 Salo, Finland.,

Nathaniel Colas

Nathaniel Colas

PYURIA - Incarnadine Revelry (Luxi Lahtinen)

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