Dawn Of Reintoxication
(Soulseller Records)

Right after their 2011 debut “Pervertopia” and their sophomore album “Up From The Sewers”, these sick Swedes have just released “Dawn Of Reintoxication” via Soulseller Records. Right off the bat, the first aspect to point out here is the production; snappy and bright, yet full bodied and amazingly heavy. The mix is simply perfect, as it lets every instrument shine. Their overall sound is deeply rooted in the good old NWOSDM with the buzzsaw guitar tone, the pounding bass and the huge drums. Guitar wise, the dynamic duo of Niklas Liliengren and Richard Annerhall rips out riffs a plenty. From really heavy yet groovy palm mutes to open power chords and slow melodic phrases. Meanwhile, Robin Westlund, besides keeping everything tight in the bass department, has an amazing vocal delivery. He goes from an astonishing low gurgling, to mid grunting and even high-pitched shrieks that make every song a totally different listening experience. And to round things off, Max Müssbichler’s drum work is precise, sharp and solid, with an excellent use of double bass and intricate fills. Not to forget Richard’s memorable flashy leads. “Dawn Of Reintoxication” also has this morbid and insane atmosphere all over where they incorporate the aesthetics of bands such as IMPETIGO, AUTOPSY and (old) PUNGENT STENCH. So far, one may assume that REPUKED may be just another clone. Yes, they mix mid-paced tempos with D-Beat. But fear not, because they have managed to push themselves apart the early 90s classic bands. Their approach is a lot more varied with really fast parts and slow, Doom Metal like passages. I think REPUKED has already reached a point in their career where they can be easily identified and not compared to any other bands. Especially because they have evolved without losing their roots and they can only get better from here. I mean, the whole thing sounds familiar, but it is not a copycat at all. Finally, I am going to be honest here. After their first two albums, I kept thinking that REPUKED needed more than just a raw, gritty sound and some good songs. Well, with “Dawn Of Reintoxication” they have proven that not only they evolved into a much better version of themselves but also they have found their identity. And that alone puts them over a lot of bands out there. This is just an amazing album that any self-proclaimed Death Metal fan will enjoy throughoutly. What I really mean is: go get it… now! You can contact the band at and get this album from their label

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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