Deacade Of Perdition
(Red Stream Records)
approx. 120:00min

"Decade Of Perdition" is a DVD containing 3 chapters. The first one shows a concert in Budapest which was the band’s 10 years anniversary show on February, 22nd 2004. Ten songs which lead through SEAR BLISS’ whole musical creations and which show that these guys are, besides being creative and innovative (especially the incorporated trumpet has always been something outstanding for me), also a solid live-band. Chapter 2 includes some backstage stuff, interviews and studio shots while chapter 3 is the photo gallery. Note that this DVD is not one of those high polished releases à la CRADLE or BORGIR, this is more undergroundish and that circumstance gives a certain charme to this. Fans of the band will nevertheless buy this, for others it is a good opportunity to get to know this, in my eyes, underrated band.,

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

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