Glory And Perdition
(Vic Records)

The first impression of “Glory And Perdition” is the fabulous cover artwork which gives the SEAR BLISS release from 2004 a more than adequate introduction. The cover shows a futuristic battlefield and the artist Jozsef Tari has perfectly captured the overall atmosphere of the release. SEAR BLISS’ music can still be summarized under the terminus majestic Black Metal but during the two years (between their 2002 “Forsaken Symphony” release and this release) the significance of the instruments has slightly changed. Their former release was dominated by the interaction of keys and trombone with a perfect sound to emphazise all instruments but “Glory And Perdition” is granting more room to the drums and the guitars. The major reason for this change is for sure the departure of their former keyboard player Oliver Zisko but it also seems that SEAR BLISS has tried to reduce their music to the very essence with songs rarely exceeding the five minute level. But this back to the roots album is not really a step forward for this Hungarian band – the seven songs (not counting the three interludiums) are for sure good played Black Metal but I’m missing something – emotions. “Glory And Perdition” is overall still a good album but you can feel that the band has avoided any artistic risk – with the expected result. Luckily the band has realized this mistake and returned to the fields of glory with their 2007 comeback album “The Arcane Odyssey”.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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