Angel Of The Eastern Gate

It has never been more easy getting to know new bands than now. The Internet and social media changed almost everything. Yet at the same time, due to the huge amount of new bands and releases, it is very hard to discover interesting outputs amongst tons of stuff. So the best method, in my opinion, is to follow sites like the one you are reading and accordingly keep an eye on what other bands are favoring. From time to time Swiss based BÖLZER are posting stuff they like on Facebook and most times I was not disappointed. Of course I took a listen when they provided a link to the Bandcamp site of newcomers SIJJIN. And believe me, this was one of the best links I clicked this year. After a short intro the track ‘Vorago Of Adullam’ starts exactly like ‘Immortal Rites’ and I was expecting the lines "Gathered for a sacred rite / Subconscious minds allied" and thought about a MORBID ANGEL cover band or something. SIJJIN have created songs which are heavily influenced by “Altars Of Madness” and one question is at hand – a copycat or not? Except for the mentioned first 15 seconds on the opening track definitely no! SIJJIN (hailing from Berlin, Germany) adopted the style of "Altars Of Madness" yes, but they wrote their own songs. Songs with a high recognition value, powerful songwriting and fine musicianship. If you have in mind that the trio has gained experience in bands like NECROS CHRISTOS and others the quality of this demo is no surprise. There has been lots of talking about MORBID ANGEL not recording an album in the style of their debut, but who is in need of MORBID ANGEL if there is a superb newcomer like SIJJIN? For more info get in contact here and here

Mirco Szymyslik

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