Swarming Darkness
(Invictus Productions)

Wow, you need this record if you like NIFELHEIM. And "In The Sign Of Evil" – era SODOM. And another ‘puke’ band from Peru (that being ANAL VOMIT). In a nutshell, SLUTVOMIT are a malformed and deadly alloy of South American blast-tastic Black / Thrash / Grind and the chugging parts of early SODOM (i.e. ‘Sepulcral Voice’). As a matter of fact, the slower sections of songs like ‘Morbid Priest (Of Hell)’ might remind you of NIFELHEIM when they aren’t in speed mode. SLUTVOMIT thankfully keep tempos mostly at a high pace, and honestly I think this is where they excel. To add to the fierce riffing, the solos are more pro than is typical for this style, and I really dig the delivery of the vocalist, with his bratty reptilian voice (approximating what Shyaithan once sounded like on the "Skullfucking Armageddon" LP). SLUTVOMIT’s material must come across as explosive in a live setting, as this band has that all-too-rare ‘hungry’ vibe in their music. The songs are topped off with a balanced and strong, yet undigital production. True, SLUTVOMIT wear their influences on their sleeves (denims vests?). However, they are far from lifeless clones – and most importantly – SLUTVOMIT hit you in the face like hot grease from a pan. Score another win for Invictus! Find out more here:,‎

Dick Osmond

Dick Osmond

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