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“Arcanes” is an acoustic descent into a folkishly dark musical vista. SPECTRALE presents a wondrous atmosphere for looking inward. The album opens with ‘Ouverture’, a sombre cello focussed piece that sets up the intent of the album. It’s a deep melody slowly drawing you inside into the craft of the four incredible musicians that finish the line-up. In short this is a cinematic representation of dark desolate music that has been wonderfully arranged and produced. I must confess that every time I heard “Arcanes”, there was another detail, another stellar segment I had not appreciated before and there have been several such instances. I see this album as an entity, like a vision coming to life. Shaping up by the second, with the canvas only getting fuller and richer. The more time I spend with the record, the more I’m consumed by the canvas that the band has put together for about 47 minutes. The music on the whole has concocted a rather unique image in my mind, an image of astral points woven in pockets of light and dark. Although there’s nothing pathbreaking or stellarly unique to the approach of SPECTRALE, they’ve brought the strengths of all the musicians to the forefront and have created an amazing symphony to delight your senses. The compositions are very flowing, all tracks have a definite pathway and don’t simply meander, while some spin around a section, most of them branch out with ease. We definitely need to talk about the only track with vocals, ‘Le Bateleur’. Like the rest of the album the entirety of this song including the vocal performance has been meticulously crafted. SPECTRALE have also released a video for this track which gives a fantastic glimpse into the overall sound on this album. One of the key highlights is how well this album has been mixed, there’s not a slip up anywhere. Tracks like ‘Le Soleil’ and ‘Le Jugement’ are primary examples. The drums are almost always in the background adding gentle touches to the soundscape. Songs like ‘L’Impératrice’ embrace an aural storytelling approach taking the listener closer to the canvas. The harmonious confluence of sounds are beautifully captured and create a beautiful atmosphere. Take some time out to enjoy this subtle yet strong release from SPECTRALE. Please get a copy! For more information please visit: www.facebook.com/spectrale.bx, www.facebook.com/ladloproductions

Vamsi Kanagovi

Vamsi Kanagovi

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