Manifest Of Refusal
(Metalism Records)

Fourth album of this 5 piece Russian band. In the stream of countless releases it is easy that your everyday Death / Thrash Metal album will go unnoticed unless it is something different. And in a few things this band is different, yet that difference is not exactly in the best possible way. There is a dangerous close FEAR FACTORY industrial Death Metal sound in here, with a more morbid macabre atmosphere which at times reminds more of a Doom / Death Metal band, although the pace is a lot more dynamic. There is a big Thrash Metal influence here, although the very weird changes of rhythm and sometimes dissonant riffs makes it hard to appreciate. From a musician point of view this is quite interesting in terms of execution and production, where this is almost flawless… but average Joe Deathrash will surely find a hard time with the complex, technical songs where there is almost not a riff that hooks the listener. And yes, the use of effects adds a lot to the chaotic atmosphere this album has, even it can be sensed from the cover art and the somewhat protest / apocalyptic war lyrics found here. If someone asks me for a direct comparison, this sounds like a MESSHUGAH meets newer BEHEMOTH… and in my book that goes directly into the used bin or trade section… but then again some will find it interesting, like some parts of the opener ‘The Karma Circle’. Me, back to listening to something more straightforward like early INVOCATOR…,,

Julian “Corrosion” Nuñez

Julian "Corrosion" Nuñez

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