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This is cool! Imagine the brutal Death Metal of NILE’s music combined with industrial beats and drums and you know who THE BERZERKER is meant to be! The heaviness of "Dissimulate" is almost indescribable and at the moment I don’t find any band that is comparable with this monster. By the technical skills NILE is the only name that stormed my mind but this here is much more sick, uncontrollable and nervebreaking. Pounding industrial drums (I still can not believe that a human drummer is playing those "songs") and exciting riffs build up a wall that just blows you away without compromises. I am looking forward seeing this "band" live somehwere as they will hopefully do some liveshows in Germany! The only negative aspect I have to add here is that the guys wear stupid SLIPKNOT – like masks. Not my cup of tea but there may be some people outthere celebrating that!

Phil Jonas

Phil Jonas

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