Melana Chasmata
(Century Media Records)

Sometimes you need just a few seconds, and you know you will love the album you are listening to. And it’s like that with "Melana Chasmata", the new TRIPTYKON album. The new – excellent – TRIPTYKON album, we should add. First of all, yes, it’s logic that all the HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST maniacs will worship this release, as it’s probably impossible to find HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST fans, who do not like TRIPTYKON (just for the record if you were living under the rock for the last few years: we are talking about the "new" band of Tom Gabriel Warrior, "Melana Chasmata" is their second full length album). Can we talk about the classic TRIPTYKON sound? Yes, because these 10 tons heavy riffs and this fuggy, airless and dark atompshere are already TRIPTYKON’s trademarks. And these trademarks, combined with amazing sound production and amazing songwriting, and all these details such as venom spitting solos, wall crushing rhythm section or amazing vocal harmonies, give us a terrific release, which can already be labeled as one of the best Metal albums of 2014. No more words needed, really. "Melana Chasmata" is heavy as fuck, and Metal as fuck. Only death is real? Or maybe only TRIPTYKON is real?! Ugh! More information:, and

Bart G. Warrior (aka Bart Gabriel)

Bart G. Warrior (aka Bart Gabriel)

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