Blackcrowned Majesty

This is the fifth album from this Austrian band. They say their style is that of industrial Black Metal with Death Metal touches. The final result is not far away from MARDUK in essence, maybe sometimes reminding of REVENGE in execution, with subtle melody embedded here and there, and basically involved in all speed assault on the senses. The sound is quite muddy, noisy and sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on with the riffs, but also that adds savagery to their music. The industrial part is not exactly clear to me, although there are mostly some very harsh noises here and there, and the drum sound is quite repetitive at times, so I guess that is what can be linked to industrial sounds. Although there are some good riffs here and there, most of it is lost in the quite noisy production and sound. I would say that the vocals are quite good, as they have some variety between the more Black Metalesque sound and more deathly screams. I was curious to check the band’s previous material and although it is the same style, it does sound better and it is basically due to a clearer production that makes the riffs to be easier to get. Also an interesting thing is their lyrics, while still dealing with darkness and the occult, they are done in a quite classy style. Fans of really extreme noisy Black / Death Metal will surely have to listen to this band.,

Julián “He Who Traversed A Greater Oblivion” Núñez

Julián "He Who Traversed A Greater Oblivion" Núñez

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