Live In Stockholm
(Escapi Music)
approx. 113min

Here are Chicago’s finest Doom Metal dealers TROUBLE with their first official DVD, which was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden on November 29, 2003 at a show with CANDLEMASS and FORCE OF EVIL. Eyes and ears are pleased with a crystal-clear picture, a flashing light show, an excellently heavy sound (especially the guitars roar like thunder!) and agile performance on stage in front of an enthusiastic Swedish audience. Playing 14 songs in around 76 minutes, all periods of TROUBLE’s musical career are covered, of course including classics like ‘Psalm 9’, ‘The Skull’ and the almighty ‘The Tempter’, among others. Besides the supremely entertaining live show the rest of the DVD is filled a very interesting interview (around 36 minutes). The interview (mixed with a few short scenes from a sight-seeing tour through Stockholm) is dealing with all the important points throughout the history of the band, some personal information about the bandmembers and future releases, i.e. the new studio album "Simple Mind Condition" and an unplugged record. The interview is actually done by Leif Edling from CANDLEMASS, and delivers a good overview of TROUBLE’s achievements. Optionally, this interview should come with English and German subtitles, but they didn’t work on my DVD-player. I think the majority of people won’t need subtitles, anyway. The DVD is finished with a quite unspectacular picture gallery, which shows a couple of shots from the show, I would prefer the moving pictures every time. To sum it up, this DVD is an audio-visual delicacy for all TROUBLE fans, which proves that we can still count on the musical qualities of TROUBLE and that we can look forward to the upcoming material.,

Christoph Göbel

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