Promo 2003

After massive line-up changes and other struggles among the members of Florida’s old school Death / Blackers DIABOLIC, 3 (!!!) original members of the band were forced to leave and founded UNHOLY GHOST. In shortest time Aantar Coates / drums, Jerry Mortellaro / guitars, Paul Oulette / vocals & bass and PESSIMIST guitarist Kelly McLauchlin composed new material and put out three excellent new songs on this promo CD. To be honest I can’t make out obvious musical or production-wise differences between UNHOLY GHOST’s first musical appearance and the last DIABOLIC CD "Vengeance Ascending". Aggressive blasts, vocals that vary between dark growls and hateful screams, MORBID ANGEL-like heaviness mixed with melodic leads and memorable song structures make UNHOLY GHOST as entertaining and fascinating as DIABOLIC in their best days. ‘Soul Disment’ is a fast, blasting Black / Death song, ‘Under Existence’ a catchy and heavy mid-tempo tune and ‘Denounciation’ mixes violent speed and crushing double bass and turns out to be my personal highlight on UNHOLY GHOST’s promo. As Aantar told me in the interview UNHOLY GHOST have already completed almost enough material for a full-length CD and the songs on this promo are exclusive material, that will not be released again on the album. I can only recommend this great CD to all fans of DIABOLIC or anyone who digs blackened Death Metal performed with talent, skill and rousing aggression!!! For more information and prices, I think it’s 5$, surf to www.unholyghost.com You can send the money to the following address: Unholy Ghost, 11401 North Town Court, 11 B, Tampa, Florida 33613, USA

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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