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The cold image of the cover art invokes bands like DISSECTION, EMPEROR or DARK FUNERAL, but that is far from the truth. VANHEGLA which means “desecrate”, plays a very weird form of Black Metal and Post Rock, whereas the main instrument seems to be keyboards, piano arrangements, atmospheric passages, and some distorted guitars and bass are in the background. The vocals go from the usual Black Metal shrieks to some more agonizing vocalizations, with a strong melody essence overall. References to modern day ANATHEMA and similar bands of the style mixed with some Black Metal essence is what we have here in more than one mid paced hour with a depressive atmosphere, which by the way is mostly sung in Swedish. Fans of bands like LIFELOVER, probably some SHINING and Post Rock and Black Metal alliances will find this interesting. Others looking for darkness in a more primitive form stay away.,,

Julian “Eternal Night” Nunez

Julian "Eternal Night" Nunez

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