Blood Oaths
(Godz Ov War Productions)

Formed somewhere in the USA this is the debut album of brutal and violent Black / Death Matal act VEIN, that has much in common with band like BLASPHEMY, VON or SARCOFAGO, which means a massive wall of noise, dirty distorted vocals and brutality all over. Well, you can also add AUTOPSY to that line-up of bands that are without a doubt their biggest influence. Some wicked samples are used here and there to give a more suffocating aspect to the music. I must say that the recording and sound is quite good, although everything sounds raw, it also has a powerful approach with the guitar riffs being very distinguishable up to the point that the wicked melodies can be heard in there. Yeah, sometimes the music is minimalistic in approach, like in the song ‘The Black Eye Of Eibon’, that repeats the riff over and over, but it actually works very well as they used different rhythm beats, to an almost industrial approach, but with that quite oppressive aura that death is hanging near. Some people will say that this falls into the War Metal category, but after a a few listenings this is putrid Death Metal to the bone, that will obviously attract Metal fans that wear bullets and eye-lines, as well as traditional Death Metallers, spiced with morbid Black Metal here and there. The vocals are also something to talk about, as they use quite a different way to blaspheme in the songs, and never keeping the same tone. Probably some of the samples are a bit annoying, but what the hell, just fast forward to the music and let the devils run free. There is a cover of the band KILSLUG that I have never heard of, but it keeps in their style of madness, dementia and mental aberration. This is the type of recording that reminds you of many other bands, yet still keeps a charm of its own. Putrid to the core of the demon…

Julián “Sangre Libertad” Núñez

Julián "Sangre Libertad" Núñez

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