Pick Up This Sick Child
(Mighty Music)

Once playing in a Death Metal band, always playing in a Death Metal band. That could be the reason for a couple of members in this unholy 5-piece band as it carries persons from bands as ENTOMBED, GRAVE or DARK FUNERAL to name just a few. Besides some well-known musicians here the first thing you recognize while listening to “Pick Up This Sick Child” is that this is a recording done by musicians with a lot of experience as the song writing is outstanding and unchallengeable professional from the beginning to its end. Without a doubt you can recognize influences from all the above mentioned bands, e. g. the song ‘Our Family Flesh’ sounds exactly 1:15 minutes like a typical DARK FUNERAL song, one of the better DARK FUNERAL songs to be more concrete, until it slows down incredibly, changes mood to a doomy atmosphere and rocks on for the remaining 4 minutes! Killer! On this recording, VICIOUS ART’s 2nd official release by the way, you get everything from blasting drums, catchy rhythms, killer riffs and a vocal delivery which is nothing else than stunning, if you ask me! This is not only an all-star Death Metal release, this is Death Metal release far above the average and I need to end this review with a sentence from the infosheet from Mighty Music: “This album definitely has the potential of a Death Metal classic”! Right!

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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