Kill On Command - The Vio-Lence Demos
(Vic Records)

So it all starts in here… the demos. Now this is a historic document of one of my fave Thrash Metal bands of all times, and if you have the chance to witness them live, just do it. They formed in 1985 and were very much influenced by all Thrash Metal going on the place, especially the Bay Area sound. The demos are rough, especially the first one, which is a rehearsal, where they actually sound more brutal as the vocalist there was a guy by the name Jerry Birr, who was doing vocals in a rougher style, sometimes closer to the style of Mille from, well you know who. Although very raw and primitive, yet one can listen to the potential that was soon to be unleashed. I must mention that getting Sean Killian as a vocalist was probably a smart choice, although his vocals are an acquired taste, he proved himself as sounding deranged especially on their debut album. On the demos he sounded more controlled, so it was good he chose to get crazier, yet I also can imagine what would be if they kept a more evil sounding vocalist… The riffs are also there, very creative, always with a sense of melody, but also always with that heaviness and of course violence that the band uses. You will find early versions of songs that were later changed a bit an renamed such as ‘Knocking At Death’s Door’ which later became my fave son ‘Serial Killer’. They rounded this up with some live versions which are OK, and you get ‘Eternal Nightmare’ four times. The only minor or major detail are the three songs from their 1993 demo… this sounds so much like MACHINE HEAD, that I’m sure that it was the intention to turn the band into something like that. I mean, some riffs are good, but it has a more Hardcore or even pinked out approach with too much groove for its own good, that at times it sounds dangerous close to rap. Nothing about any style, but Metal and Rap should never be mixed… never. And oh, yes a Rapper can do Metal (Ice T) and a Metaller can do Rap (Alex Skolnick), but please do not mix them. Ok, so the band is playing again, they released a new EP, which is quite good and has that meaty riff style they are known for and the maniacal voice of Sean is there, and although I already told it, they are probably today the best live Thrash Metal band in existence. So that’s enough reason to get this (limited vinyl editions in black, marbled yellow, marbled orange, transparent-red and marbled white are also available, but they only feature the band’s 1986 and 1988 demos and their track from the “Eastern Front: Live At Ruthie’s Inn” compilation – Frank).,

Julián “Out For Blood” Núñez

Julián "Out For Blood" Núñez

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