Icons Of Evil
(Century Media Records)

Since as far back as I can remember, I have had a fascination with Evil. Not just in word as is common place among most Metallers but also in deed. So too it is then that many others that I have encountered have traveled the Left Hand Path, and of those, some have even made a living from it. Hence SABBATH’s “Live Evil” double album, the band EVIL “Evil’s Message” MLP, SODOM’s “In The Sign Of Evil” MLP, SABBAT’s “Born By Evil Blood” 7″ EP, DIO’s “Dream Evil” LP, FORBIDDEN’s “Raw Evil – Live At The Dynamo” LP, INCANTATION’s “Entrantment Of Evil” 7″ EP, nor who can forget ANCIENT RITES “Evil Prevails” debut 7″ EP? Even now in more recent times NECRODEATH’s “Mater Of Evil” LP and of course DESTRUCTION’s latest, cleverly touting their legendary status being that of the “Inventor of Evil”! It stands to reason that someone, somewhere would drop the hammer so-to-speak (pun intended – see “I.O.E” cover) on all of these Metalfolk once and for all and on top of Christ’s head too for good measure! Here it is then that Rhode Island natives VITAL REMAINS are back with another vengeful take on all that is unholy and brutally heavy with this their sixth full length CD album entitled “Icons of Evil”. I don’t have to tell you how good this record is. Anyone who has been following VITAL REMAINS knows that with the inclusion of Glen in recent years, VITAL is just totally revamped and nothing can match the sincerity of how each track is written, recorded nor easily match the ferocity in delivery both in the studio and in the live setting. As you know, “Icons Of Evil” is the second full length from VITAL REMAINS with Glen Benton / DEICIDE handling the vocal duties. I have seen and heard many incarnations of this band. All of whom I have special regard for and yes I will agree with most out there who have been following VITAL REMAINS each version does have with it, its high and low points. Yet for me, personally speaking, the effort Glen makes here within VITAL REMAINS is so far and away superior than anything he’s been currently vomiting over in Florida with DEICIDE, it has become apparent a decision must be made. VITAL REMAINS or DEICIDE. Who’s it gonna be? Honestly I wish the inevitable would just happen already and that the answer this fan is looking for includes Steve Asheim / DEICIDE being asked to join the ranks of VITAL REMAINS on the drums! Steve Asheim on the drums would compound the interest on the capital VITAL has made since Glen’s enlistment times ten! Steve Asheim would assuredly open yet another chapter for VITAL REMAINS, albeit better said a new era! Not only solidifying VITAL’s backbone / core foundation, Steve Asheim could also assist with the closing of that infected old wound known as DEICIDE. And that wretched gash of a band as we all know has bled enough in recent years, hasn’t it? If anything else needs to be said about this album over what you don’t already know and have come to admire and expect in the VITAL camp. One review that I read of their previous album effort “Dechristianize”, spoke of how “refreshing it is to hear music that manages to be epic (in terms of length and overall feel) yet is also confidently catchy – without seeming contrived” and is an “essential listen for anyone into Extreme Metal.” Nothing more really needs to be said other that this I think about “Icons Of Evil”. Every track herein on this original nine song offering just rips! That being said I will try not to spoil the ending of this album for you. However, it is my duty to inform you that the real gem of this disc, the bonus tenth track entitled ‘Disciples Of Hell’ (those who grew up in the ’80s know from where this is hailed from) needs to be heard to be believed! Contact: VITAL REMAINS c/o Tony Lazaro, P.O. BOX 6335, Central Falls, RI 02863, USA,,,

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

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