(Terratur Possessions)

Here’s something to lift us up and drag us down in this dying world of radiation! Finnish villains VORDR do master the ancient art of ripping Black Metal and their fangs are sharper than ever. This new, eponymous full-length album is their fifth in line and it must have shaken the area of Lappeenranta / Jyväskylä in true, apocalyptic plate tectonics motion. The band members belong to an ancient club of genre veterans who have served in bands like SARGEIST, BEHEXEN, SATANIC WARMASTER, NIGHTBRINGER or BLACK STENCH, just to mention some sonorous names amongst the many. Honestly speaking, this is no novelty seeking record, but the overcharged tension in VORDR’s playing, the frigid atmosphere and the quality of the songs make up for the band’s all-too-strict obeisance to this musical category’s rules. From the killing rawness of ‘Forever Bound’ to the hail-storming fury of ‘Rebirth’ and on to ‘Dreamer’s Loot”s enchanting, G drone-based riffs, there’s a lot to be headbanging on here. Damn, there’s even a great false start at the beginning of ‘Blissfully Possessed’ to remind us that, generally speaking, quantized drum tracks and computer perfect takes in extreme Metal are best used as soft toilet paper. VORDR’s self-titled collection of evil spells should be out already on CD and LP on Norwegian label Terratur Possessions. Take a closer look at the writing on your wall: www.terraturpossessions.com.

Giorgio Trombino

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