Weapon 13

Seems like there is always something happening at HIRAX (boot)camp…While Katon leads a revamped line-up and handles the back catalogue (Black Devil Records), Gary Monardo (who has been involved in musical projects with mister De Pena since day one, including LA CHAOS and Kids Gone Bad in 83 – 84) starts Cold Blood over. Let me explain: HIRAX split up once in 1987, Katon going to PHANTASM and Gary reuniting with former HIRAX drummer (the second) John Tabares, axeman Bob Savage (LA Chaos, KGB) to ground COLD BLOOD with ex WARGOD (former Gene Hoglan’s home before Dark Angel) singer Rob Perkins and fellow guitar player Brian Kelly. Cold Blood will release a 5 track demo before Gary follows Katon back in HIRAX. And the rest is history. An abortive reunion happens in 1999, then Katon has driven the HIRAX vehicle alone since. As Scott Owens is still MIA, here comes the legendary rhythmic pair again, Cold Blood thawed way. Three short songs dealing with savage murder (‘Monster Reborn’), unleashed destructive urges (‘The Bleeding Never Stops’), gloomy vision of the world (‘Empty’), and for the musical side, Weapon 13 delivers modern crossover, with a close to Hardcore singer, and South California Thrash (let’s say end of 80s Slayer influenced) approach, ‘Empty’ carrying HIRAX spirit definitely. Early Cro Mags fans can also enjoy. Recommended!



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