Monster Reborn
(Marquee Records)

From the very first riff I could relate this to the early Hardcore / Thrash L.A. scene. And I was right when I found out that WEAPON 13 consists of people that have been into Metal for more than 20 years with bands as HIRAX and WARGOD. In fact this band is actually COLD BLOOD with a new name. The basic riffs sound like early SLAYER, although with more Hardcore orientated vocals. This is actually a compilation of two very well recorded demos, one under the COLD BLOOD name recorded in 1987 and a 2005 demo for WEAPON 13. Although almost 20 years separate these recordings, one can hardly notice it, as they have kept the same sound and style. That means fast bursts of speed, high pitched melodic-yet angry vocals, and a few more slowed down mosh-type riffs to keep the balance. Also most of the songs are under the 3 minutes mark, making this 8 song recording just above 20 minutes long. As an historical document it does have some interesting things, but I must also add that even with the nostalgia value, there were quite more bands doing it in a more interesting way. Also the vocals are way too much into the Punk / Hardcore territory and might find some more Metal rooted fans no liking that venture. Still, this is well played, well produced and played by some veteran musicians not afraid to give a fight. If you like that kind of Thrashcore / Punk style in the vein of early CRO MAGS or D.R.I. check the band out. www.weapon13.com, www.marquee.com.br

Julián Núñez

Julián Núñez

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