Walking On Phantom Ice
(Copro Records)

Where are all the IN FLAMES clones everybody is so concerned about? Most of the Melodic Death albums I get for a review sound quite unique, so what’s all that noise about?! WITHERING SURFACE are a little slower than their country mates (does this word exist?) and they’re less straight forward, some rhythms might even be called progressive. This word also points to the fact that some of the songs seem a little odd the first time you listen to it. I even disliked some of them and wasn’t too happy about the idea to put on the record another time. Right now I can’t put it out of the CD player any more although I should go on with another CD review. Other songs are catchy (the title track is even a bit too catchy for my taste), so there is a good variety for a long listening enjoyment. I still can’t get enough of (good) melodic Death Metal!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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