Force The Pace
(Scarlet Records)

To call this album "an unstoppable Death-Thrash assault" sounds insulting when one calls to mind what Death / Thrash in its original sense is about and that is definitely not an IN FLAMES-like sound!!! Production, technical skill, songwriting and variation certainly leave no room for any complaints on the Danes fourth full-length, but it feels strange to get this music sold under the stance "Death / Thrash". WITHERING SURFACE create contemporary, diversified melodic Death with a Thrash riff here and there, but even extreme Black Metal bands feature thrashing parts, but you would not call them "Death / Thrash", right? Well, enough stylistical petty-mindedness, ten tracks and fourty minutes the dedicated listener gets highly aggressive modern music with some spacy guitar sounds, clear, screamed and growled vocals and certainly more drive than IN FLAMES delivered on their newer releases. The melodic elements are catchy and combined with the harsh riffing and pounding drums add up to a memorable mixture exquisite for the younger Metalheads out there, so if you are into this kind of music "Force The Pace" is exactly what you need! For additional infos check the following links: www.witheringsurface.dk; www.scarletrecords.it.

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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