The Dark Path To The Light
(Ván Records)

Sometimes with different things in life, we need a change of pace. Something that acts like a palette cleanser so to speak. I guess there can be those people who eat / listen / do the same exact thing day after day and truly enjoy it. I for one become numb. I now enjoy the different nuances of what life and music can present to me. At first view of the name WOLVENNEST I thought “okay, a Black Metal band”, but imagine my surprise when I pressed play. What we have here is a band that brings forth many different nuances to a sonic and aurally interesting whole. Take for example tracks 1 and 2 ‘Lost Civilizations’ and ‘Adversaries’ and you will hear touches of DEAD CAN DANCE and also FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM. I mention this band, because throughout the album you can hear some minor Gothic undertones. Trust me, it’s not a bad thing, it adds a bit extra to the base of a Heavy Metal framework. I find it welcoming to hear how the band draws these differences to make the sound theirs. Almost all songs can offer ethereal guitars, haunting and at times spoken female vocals that give the listener more to be drawn into. I’m hearing bits of TIAMAT and early GATHERING as well. Then the song ‘The Timeless All And Nothing’ can almost be off the latest MEPHORASH album. With further listens (especially the title track) I get some of that DRACONIAN vibe as well, but without the doominess. So in further to what I would like to convey to you dear reader is the genre. What to call this band? Dark Metal? Fans of mid-era MOONSPELL could find much to like here. Post Metal? I think that may be slightly off-putting to older listeners. Atmospheric Goth? Further may so no. I decided to look into what the band themselves call their music. Experimental Psychedelic Black Metal. Okay, I can see that, but I think for myself this is Atmospheric Dark Metal. Such a great release and I find myself drawn to it in many different ways. Also for those who know and or listen to some of the bands and genres mentioned, I feel you may find them to be a welcome addition to your current (and further) listening pleasure. You can find more information here: www.facebook.com/wolvennestband, www.facebook.com/vanrecords

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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